segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

BAD DUDES - Eat Drugs (2008)

The music on this LP, Bad Dudes second, can easily be tagged as party prog, math rocks more care free cousin. I know that the term is a tad overused by now, but the rush of joy that comes from these brilliant tunes knocks me over in a convincing way every time. With a big grin on my face I sit back and take it, totally amazed. The title song on ”Eat Drugs” is one of this years most played songs at the office, but that said, this entire album proves that Bad Dudes seems to have nothing but great songs in them. We’re on the verge to play this one to bits. The confident pop sensibility, the shifty time signatures with nothing to prove, the small outbursts of warm, comforting noise and the total freak-out rock bits gives us ”Eat Drugs”: the thinking mans frat party soundtrack.

In short: Bad Dudes might have a geeky name, but this is a band that knows what they’re doing when they’re weaving songs for a generation of punks and indierockers with an open mind (and a large selection of good records on their shelves). They obviously do music to please themselves first and foremost, but still they’re almost made for an audience that might dance a bit, but at the same time wants to punch air and blast it loud while downing what ever makes them happy.

“Bad Dudes sound like surfers (from the future) and new wave punks (from the past) playing a broken Nintendo (the 8-bit kind) at a raver party. And everyone forgot their ritalin."
-Prefix Magazine

“Eat Drugs” feature appearances by members of Ozma, Upsilon Acrux, Silver Daggers, The Mae Shi, Miracle Chosuke, and Epsilons.

1. Eat Drugs
2. Heterosauzer
3. Secret Protector
4. Suez
5. Preteen Wolf
6. Mjölner
7. Cabana Boyzz, B.C.
8. Vanity Cane
9. Casual Encounters (of the thirs kind)
10. Better Than Nature
11. Fingers