terça-feira, 10 de março de 2009

White Hills assinam pela Thrill Jockey

I am pleased to announce that WHITE HILLS has just signed a deal with THRILL JOCKEY Records! We are extremely happy to be part of such an outstanding label as Thrill Jockey and look forward to long relationship with them. The label will initially be releasing a vinyl version of HEADS ON FIRE. The album will also finally be available via all major online stores as well. We will be going into the studio after our upcoming European tour (all dates listed at the bottom of this email) to record our proper debut for the label. Thrill Jockey will also be distributing in North America our upcoming split LP with The Heads that Rocket Recordings is releasing this coming April. Besides that Thrill Jockey will be distributing our privately released albums Glitter Glamour Atrocity, the second pressing of the recent LP A Little Bliss Forever, and various upcoming CD-r releases.

Once again I cannot express my excitement over this...it is something that Ego Sensation and I have been working for since the inception of the band!



E vem aí split com os The Heads :)

Até Maio Dave