sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2009

"Outsider music"

Outsider music are songs and compositions by musicians who are not part of the commercial music industry who write songs that ignore standard musical or lyrical conventions, either because they have no formal training or because they disagree with formal rules. This type of music, which is often bizarre and emotionally stark, has few outlets; performers or recordings are often promoted by word of mouth or through fan chat sites, usually among communities of music collectors and music conoisseurs. Outsider musicians usually have much "greater individual control over the final creative" product either because of a low budget or because of their "inability or unwillingness to cooperate" with modifications by a record label or producer.[1]
While a small number of outsider musicians became notable because they have few musical skills, such as Florence Foster Jenkins, an American soprano who sang ear-splitting renditions of compositions far outside her range, the majority of outsider artists are appreciated for their unique, uncompromising, and creative music. In some cases, outsider musicians have characteristics such as mental illness or a reclusive lifestyle that may influence their musical style, such as Daniel Johnston, who suffers from bipolar disorder, Wesley Willis, who had schizophrenia, and Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett, with an uncertain psychiatric condition that may have been drug-induced

Daniel Johnston toca "Casper, the friendly ghost" num sítio qualquer em NYC. Figura lendária do underground de Austin, maniaco-depressivo, centenas de letras sobre Laurie Allen, uma "teen crush" que ele nunca esqueceu. Um wako.