sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2009

12 Dez - FACA MONSTRO: Apresentação da última mixtape no Maus Hábitos

Hi vladstep followers,
This new mixtape means the shutting of the first chapter of our activity. After the releasing of about 3 hours of new, free and updated beats by this local network of producers (which you can download anytime still) we decided to move into new concepts and materials, starting 2010!
Besides the new mixtape, a small documentary is being made using the footages of the past "ajuntamentos", gigs and random paranormal episodes.

So, the new mixtape gathers this time the work of: HHY, GHUNA X, EXPAWN, HERMITAGE, 1WAY, DEEPBREATH, OCKE, FUMO DENSO and SPACED OUT. And it's mixed by DJ SPOT.

Big up to JOAO MARCAL for the artwork!

A mixtape pode ser sacada aqui e aqui.